In this day and age, internet privacy is a big issue. When it comes to web-bandits, you simply can’t protect against everything — if someone wants your personal information bad enough, there is probably a way for them to get it. But that doesn’t mean you are powerless against protecting yourself.

What I recommend

As most tech-savvy consultants, I recommend that you use a unique, complex password for each website you access, to protect your private information from being guessed at random, or hacked into using a high-tech algorithm. It’s also highly recommended that you not write your password down anywhere; not online, in a document or a notepad locked away in your desk.

If you’re like most, you read that last sentence, did some quick math and realized that you’d have to remember thousands of unique, complex passwords — a task that is virtually impossible.

LastpassFor this reason, I recommend using LastPass, a secure password organizer that both protects your password and makes your life much easier by providing you with your username and password automatically when you arrive at a website.

LastPass, creatively titled as the “Last Password You’ll Ever Need”, locks away your passwords, helps create unique, complex passwords, and even share those passwords with others using an encrypted password that hides your real password.

Be safe out there, and regardless of if you choose LastPass or not, use smart passwords.