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What Is AI Overview

May has been a significant month for SEO professionals with the release of Google’s AI Overview (formerly Search Generative Experience or SGE), an AI-powered addition designed to improve the search experience. This new feature will put an AI-generated overview at the top of some searches, summarizing the information from various sources. Google is utilizing AI to serve several purposes within search, including:

  • Multistep Reasoning: AI can now handle and answer more complex, multi-faceted questions that would typically require several searches.
  • Organized Search Pages: For more general queries, AI Overview can organize search results into more coherent and relevant clusters.
  • Visual Search Capabilities: Users can search using images and videos, expanding beyond text-based queries.
  • Summarization: AI can summarize and simplify information found across the web, providing concise and comprehensive answers.
  • Assistance with Planning: Whether planning a vacation or a meal, AI can help users by compiling and organizing relevant information.

The Problem

One of the primary concerns among SEO professionals is that SGE will decrease site traffic since all the information is summarized on the search page. However, Google has expressed optimism that SGE will drive traffic to sites offering high-quality content. The truth is likely a balance between these perspectives and is highly dependent on the type of website. While SGE changes the landscape of how search results are presented, the core principles are still the same. Produce high-quality, user-focused content that Google can easily read and understand.

Another problem is the accuracy of these AI overviews. Like other AI programs, the Google AI Overviews have been documented making significant errors in information. This will decrease user trust in the tool, making them more likely to click on links outside the AI Overview box.

Impact on SEO

The introduction of SGE has several implications for SEO practices:

  • Reduced Click-Through Rates (CTR): With AI providing direct answers, the CTR for some search results might decrease particularly if the overview can provide a complete answer. SEO strategies will need to focus more on appearing in featured snippets and other prominent positions within AI-generated summaries. As well as ranking for search queries that don’t incorporate AI Overview, or where more information is needed than just the summary.
  • Increased Importance of User Experience (UX): As AI emphasizes content quality and relevance, sites with superior UX that keep users engaged and satisfied are likely to fare better.
  • Diversified Content Strategies: SEO strategies will need to incorporate a variety of content types, including text, images, and videos, to align with the diversified search capabilities of SGE.
  • Focus on Authority and Trustworthiness: AI-driven search will likely prioritize content from authoritative and trustworthy sources. Building and maintaining a strong reputation through backlinks, user engagement, and consistent quality will be essential.
  • Enhanced Local SEO: With AI assisting in planning activities like vacations or meal plans, local SEO will become even more critical. Businesses should ensure their local listings are accurate and optimized.
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Adapting SEO Strategies for AI Overview

With the introduction of AI Overview, SEO strategies need to evolve to accommodate these new search dynamics. Here’s how:

  1. Focus on High-Quality Content: Creating high-quality, unique, and engaging content continues to be one of the most important ranking factors. AI-driven summaries will favor sites that provide clear, valuable information that can be easily parsed and presented by the AI. Ensure your content is well-structured, informative, and aligned with user intent.
  2. Optimize for Rich Media: Given the increased emphasis on visual search capabilities, incorporating images and videos into your content can enhance visibility. Optimize these media elements with appropriate tags, descriptions, and alt texts to improve searchability.
  3. Structured Data and Schema Markup: Structured data and schema markup can help AI better understand and categorize your content. This can improve how your content is presented in AI-organized search results, potentially increasing visibility and click-through rates.
  4. Embrace Multistep Content: Create content that addresses complex, multi-step queries. Detailed guides, how-tos, and in-depth articles that break down complicated topics can position your site as a valuable resource for AI-driven search queries. Part of this will be ensuring that your content demonstrates not only your expertise but also your experience.
  5. Monitor Algorithm Updates: Google will release multiple Core Updates to refine the SGE algorithm, especially with the current problem of the AI Overviews sharing dangerous and inaccurate information. These updates may cause fluctuations in rankings and traffic. Stay informed about these changes and be ready to adjust your strategies accordingly to maintain stability and improve performance.

The Future of SEO with SGE

The integration of AI into Google’s search functionality signifies a major shift in how search engines interact with content. SEO professionals must be prepared to adapt to these changes by focusing on creating high-quality content, optimizing for various media formats, and staying vigilant about algorithm updates. While the landscape may be shifting, the core principle remains the same: adapting strategies to meet the evolving demands of search technology will be key to maintaining and improving site performance.

By embracing these changes and focusing on delivering value through content, SEO professionals can navigate the uncertainties of this new era and potentially benefit from the enhanced capabilities of AI-driven search.

In conclusion, while AI Overview represents a significant evolution in search technology, it also provides an opportunity for SEO professionals to innovate and adapt. By focusing on high-quality content, embracing multimedia, and staying agile in response to algorithm updates, businesses can continue to thrive in the changing search landscape. If you would like assistance with your SEO during these increasingly unstable times, check out our SEO Services and schedule a discovery call today!