Why a WordPress Maintenance Plan is Important

Steck Insights WordPress MaintenanceCongratulations! You’ve built your website and have everything the way you want it. But if you’re like many website owners, you’re main focus is your business, not your website. So it’s likely your website will sit in its’ current state for months and years to come, before you get around to making more updates.

Honestly, that’s okay. Depending on how your business runs, it may not be necessary to have a daily blog or regularly updated content. But one element that is important is keeping your WordPress installation updated, along with all the wonderful plugins you used to build your site.

Behind the mumbo-jumbo

The world of the web can be confusing, and that is not helped by the information technology industry constantly coming up with new lingo and high-tech inventions.

So I’ll try to keep this simple, because complicated terminology is frustrating. Your website is just a bunch of files on a large, shared computer (called a server). A website running WordPress just uses a standard subset of files to build off of, giving you access to a “dashboard” so you can easily create posts, pages and make updates to your site.

Those WordPress files need to be updated every so often to fend off evil-doers who seek out vulnerabilities in the website and expose them to wreak havoc, costing you money, time and adding stress to your life. Not fun.

Similarly, “plugins” are like mini-programs adding features to your site. Almost every WordPress site uses at least one plugin, and most sites use dozens. These plugins also need to be updated for the same reason as WordPress.

The Solution

WordPress made it simple to update itself and the plugins you are using. Look under Dashboard > Updates in the sidebar to see if you have plugins or WordPress updates available.

So why would you need a WordPress Maintenance plan? Well, when you’re focused on your business, logging into your website dashboard to update WordPress and plugins becomes a low priority for most companies and website owners — yet, when a hacker strikes, it very quickly becomes a top priority!

For this reason, Steck Insights Web Design offers three tiers of website maintenance plans so you can focus on your business. We take care of WordPress and plugin updates, as well as making sure you have regularly scheduled website backups and security monitoring every month.

Our  also include technical support tickets and content management credits, so if you need monthly updates, for a flat monthly rate you can count on us to be available to make those changes… and you can stay focused on what you do best!

There are other WordPress Maintenance options available on the web. We just think we have the best pricing and top notch service you’ll find anywhere else. Let us know if we can help you selecting the right plan for your website!