SEO Resources and Getting Started

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SEO-image-largeWhen working on Search Engine Optimization either for yourself or a client it is good to know what people are searching for and by what search terms they use to get to your site. By knowing what keywords people are using in order to get to your page, you can better understand your audience and know more how they think and, from there, choose keywords that will direct people to your site more effectively and bring in more traffic. This, to search engines like Google and Bing, makes your site more valuable and helpful in their eyes and will increasingly put your webpage closer to the top of search results.

How is this done do you ask? There are many good tools one can use in order to track keywords for your site and track site visitors’ tendencies and keyword choices in order to find your page. A couple resources I use are Google Analytics and RankScanner.


Google Analytics is a great resource for getting much information concerning visitors information such as geography and demographics. Through the campaign option, one can track the keywords of one’s websites and their ranking. It’s nice to use this feature to track which keywords people are using in order to get to your site.

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Logo15_7_green  is also a great resource because with a free membership, one can type in five keywords that the program will then scan and rank and it will track those five keywords one has plugged in throughout one’s site and track the increase or decrease of the success of the selected keywords in directing others to your site.

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There are many other great resources one can use for research and improvement on SEO and keyword research, so explore and try out different options and see which products work best for you!